We’re all different. You are a dreamer. He is very thoughtful. She is the sensitive one. They are straight. and I’m ... well, I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.


Monday, May 30, 2011

196) I Don't فيل Good!

I don't feel good.. I- just- don't- feel- good.. may be it is just my work problems.. or it is about family obligations.. is it all about Egypt and what is happening everyday in the country; tensions, worries, arguments, ... etc. I don't even know.. sometimes, I just don't know exactly what is going wrong or if everything seem to be going wrong these days! .. I also don't know what should I do at this moment.. how I feel? wala khalas I am becoming maba7esesh khales fe3lan!!.. Do I really need someone in my life or is it that I want to stay alone.. is it that I think too much?.. tab how can I stop thinking?

... I am tired of everything and begad don't know what I want or at least I don't know how to express what I need.. no no.. to be very frank, I know. but the problem is that I can't talk; and each time I don't say what I wanna say, I am dying! well, it is better to remain silent, because if you can't understand my silence, you wont understand my words!

"If you have no faith in yourself, then have faith in the things you call truth. You know what must be done. You may not have courage or trust or understanding or the will to do it, but you know what must be done. You can't turn back. There is now answer behind you. You fear what you cannot name. So look at it and find a name for it. Turn your face forward and learn. Do what must be done."

- Patticia A. Mckillip

Bera7a 3alaya ya Rab..


Nouna said...

"حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل"

Anonymous said...

3arfa e7sasek ya 7abebti ana mab2tsh ati2 ay 7aga fi donia ana bamout men ekte2ab ya rouna :((((((((
men el bey7sal fi balad kol yom asma3 kesas 5atef w baltagia w 7aga araf kaman kol 7aga maba2sh liha ta3m bas bardo wala yehemek manti 3arfa donia matedish me7tag wala 7aga testahel za3alek hatet3abi fi aewl bas ba3d keda enti el haterta7i rabena ma3aki ya 7abebti ♥♥

Nouna said...

I think we need to learn to relax, it is not easy but it is worth the effort.. for me, I will start with my mind and then come my nerves & muscles!

in-sha2-Allah everything will turn to the best :)

Anonymous said...

ISA ya 7abebti nefsi a7ess bel 2aman ya rouna